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Here’s a preview of Episode 2 of Season 4 of Game of Thrones. The episode is called “The Lion and the Rose,” and I’m absolutely certain it will be one of the best of this season, if not one of the best of the series. That’s all I’ll say.

It’s baaaaack…

That is, Game of Thrones is back… along with all the plotting, dragons, war, revenge, dragons, violence, deception, dragons… did I say dragons? It’s been a long wait, but I’m glad to say that wait is officially over.

FYI: I’m incredibly inclined to argue that Season 4 will be the best season yet. Don’t believe that’s possible? Hm, you obviously haven’t been paying much attention.

Hey, guys!

It’s less than two weeks away till that phenomenal yet all-too-fleeting time of the year: Game of Thrones season. Oh, I can’t wait any longer. I spend the whole year obsessing over this show, so you can imagine how exciting this time of year is for me.

Hopefully I still have some fans of the series following me (like this post if you consider yourself such a follower). For these next thirteen or so weeks expect very informal episode reactions, video previews, reblogs, and overall frequent ‘fanboy-ing’ as I anticipate and experience with glee the magic that will be Season 4 of this series.

As a reader of the books and a major fan of this show, believe me when I say that I am so ready for this season. It quite possibly will be the show’s best, and if you know anything at all about the extreme quality of this tv show, that statement should impress you heavily.

Here’s a fantastic little video from HBO that tells the story of how Game of Thrones got made, as narrated by the great Charles Dance. Even if you know exactly how the series got made, as did I, it’s still worth a good watch if you’re a fan.

Here’s Trailer #3 for Season 4 of Game of Thrones. I remember last year when all this goodness was happening. It means we’re almost there! That’s excellent, because it’s been a long wait.