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George R. R. Martin onĀ Conan. He discussesĀ The Winds of Winter, his forthcoming novel. He talks about his inspiration for Westeros (not as grand as you’d expect). And he mentions the challenge of keeping track of all his characters.

Louis C. K. discusses with Conan O’Brien the truth of how far our technology has come since he was growing up but why it had to be the most spoiled generation ever (that’s us) who gets to enjoy it complain about it all the time.

Ignore the poor quality because if you complain, then that’s ironic: Louis hates on people like that in this 240p video. It’s very funny. Watch!

this video is hilarious if you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises trailer(s) or have heard or seen any footage. basically, Bane is hard to understand… well, Coco will explain.

you’ve got to love Tom Hardy though.