'Holy shit' is all I can say to this teaser for the October 25th release of Batman: Arkham Origins, the effective prequel to the Arkham Asylum video game series. Although it’s not made by Rocksteady, like the previous two installments, Arkham Origins promises to satisfy all my Batman cravings at a time when ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ is ended, and mere whispers of a Justice League film helmed by Nolan with Bale reach my ear. The best part of this teaser, though, is not the graphics or fighting sequence (or even the reveal that Deathstroke will be a villain) but that it promises a full-length trailer in just a few days. You know I’ll post it here the minute it’s available! Till then, this teaser will be enough.

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"I’ve never really been asked to do [big tentpole blockbusters]. You look at what Christopher Nolan did with Batman, that’s like the meeting of the highest level of artistic skill & a kind of commerciality and appeal to a wide range of people which is what anybody would want. It’s kind of unparalleled actually, and they don’t come to me with those. And that’s alright."
- Paul Thomas Anderson commending Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

paul thomas anderson christopher nolan the dark knight trilogy batman