excellent news {how uncommon!}

the king of limbs: live from the basement

i think my first or second post on tumblr was in rainbows: live from the basement, and there’s a reason it was: (1) it’s probably my favorite album ever and (2) it kicks ass like no other video can.

for those that don’t know (which is everyone, apparently), radiohead performed their seventh studio album, in rainbows, live via webcast from the basement (the studio) a few years ago. and now with their recent release of their eighth studio album, the king of limbs, the news of the band’s agreement with bbc to do another “show” live from the basement is exciting in fans’ eyes.

i can’t wait for this one. the band’ll perform the entirety of their recent aforementioned album; it premieres on bbc july 1st. i can’t wait.

in the meantime, i’m awaiting the delivery of “the king of limbs” newspaper album that i preordered many months ago. if all goes well, it’ll be on my doorstep this week!


radiohead bbc the king of limbs live from the basement