awaiting an album {an apt, apropos alliteration}

i am waiting desperately (and impatiently) for the new Radiohead album. i’m thankful, though, that they have enough mercy towards us fans to not announce the album months before its release (they announced it 5 days prior: thank the god i dont believe in). only Radiohead has the power to keep their fans guessing like this. even loyal, obsessed fans (like me) have no idea what Radiohead could do at this point. it’s crazy (awesome crazy). they haven’t even given out the tracklisting to the album yet.

man, i love Radiohead; no one can relate at least not to the extent i’m talking about; sorry; it’s not your fault. my life is Radiohead; your’s isn’t (though i could be wrong, but i doubt it; though i often am wrong). okay, goodnight. i have to go to bed soon because yesterday Radiohead tweeted a japanese message referring to Tokyo at 6:59 pm or something, which i think is 7 am here (west coast). well, night.

Radiohead The King of Limbs