Do we ever get what we really want? Do we ever achieve what our powers have ostensibly equipped us for? No: everything works by contraries.

Nikolai Gogol (via peelingcrimson)

Delightfully strange, the music video for Philip Selway’s latest single “Coming Up for Air” hit the interwebs today. It’s all for his upcoming sophomore album Weatherhouse, which I have a feeling will best his last. Time will tell, but in the meantime, keep the weird vids comin’, Phil!

Weatherhouse debuts October 7th.

The third INTERSTELLAR trailer priemered the other day at SDCC, and I’m sure you’d agree it’s pretty exciting… I’ve been looking forward to Nolan’s follow-up to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES since its inception (haha), and now we’re just about three months away from its big premiere. Today was also Chris Nolan’s 44th birthday, so here’s to that too.

INTERSTELLAR premieres 11/7. Don’t miss it.